Creepy Bunny Stuffy

I’m taking a risk that the kiddo may see this and it’ll ruin the surprise but I think it’ll be okay. He’s helping his dad with yard work today and then I am supposed to cut his hair so he probably won’t have a lot of time to browse the internet.

Elliott, if you see this before Halloween, act surprised anyway. :laughing:

Anyhow, we decided to do coffins for the mantel this year. Of course, that means I have to come up with coffin filler ideas. Candy is a no brainer. However, I wanted to come up with other little gifts too.

Elliott has a small bunny stuffie collection so when I saw this cute little creepy bunny pattern by Creepy Cute Friends, I knew it would be perfect.

I used painters drop cloth for the body. I basically followed the pattern, which were intuitive if you’ve made a stuffie before. I decided to use buttons of different sizes and added a little acrylic paint around the button eyes to give a him a little extra personality.

Ahhh…creepy cute bunny fits into the mantel coffin quite well.


Best stuffie ever!

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I love this stuffie so much! :heart_eyes:

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ACK! This is so perfectly perfect for the coffin and it sounds like perfect for Elliot! NIIIIIICE!


Love your creepy bunny…it has so much character!

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Well done! Very creepy-cute.

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He looks great in his new home!

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This is so creepy cute. The drop cloth gave the perfect texture!

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Drop cloth- what a perfect fabric choice! He turned out perfect!!

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The creepy bunny named “Buttons” is a hit. :heart:


I live for Halloween stuff like this.

Down the creepy stuffy rabbit hole I go…wish me luck :rofl:

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