Crepe Paper or Pinata-making Supplies

Does anyone have a lead on a supplier of GREY crepe paper, either in sheets or streamer format? I’m looking for this for pinatas rather than paper making, so it doesn’t need to be the thick, fancy kind - it’s being used for the purpose of destroying, after all. I have had no luck at all online with searches for grey (or gray). I could substitute tissue paper, but am really trying for crepe first.


Crepe streamers

Amazon crepe streamers

Oriental Trade paper streamers

Mister Art

OK, how does your search work so much better than mine!? Maybe I was focused on sheets? It was a couple weeks ago that I looked and maybe at that time I hadn’t yet accepted I might have to go with streamers. THANK YOU!

And if you ever come up with (cheap) sheets that would be even better!

Streamers… cheap sheets…give me a sec

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I want to make 12-20 small pinatas (a “plethera”) for housing party favors, as well as possibly a couple mid-sized ones.

Alamo Fiesta

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Oh! They have a 10-pck for about $4. Didn’t see the shipping, but this is a great option! THANK YOU!!!

Just searching around today and then checking out your links, has given me mix-n-match ideas…

You can try googling pinata supplies…there are hundreds of suppliers! lol

But, gray is still a tough one to find readily! Can’t wait to see what you make!

I did! And all I got were finished pinatas!

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It is! I think people are way more incined toward cheerful colors for their pinata celebrations, but c’mon! They gotta be making elephants and sharks and stuff, right? I’m going with greys, because it’s a 50th birthday and that’s FUNNY.


Here in Texas I think the piñatas are mostly painted newspaper with streamers added in certain areas for dramatic effect.


I think that would work great if I was doing something large and figural! I have done that before, now that I think of it. In this case these are small party favors that will be the type that open with a pull string similar to these.

Sort of like a Christmas cracker! How fun!!!

I hope so! Since we’ll be at a VRBO for his party, I won’t hang them, but I will put them in a big bowl or basket - or at least this is my plan as of now.

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Ah, I see.