Cricut roses

In addition to the shadow box I made for my mom, I’m making a bunch of these little 3-rose bouquets for my Nana, Sister, Aunt, and MIL.
I finished the one for my Nana, she loves yellow roses. I haven’t put the others together yet.


Love all the colors! Can’t choose between the yellow and blue as my fave!

What thoughtful gifts!

The colors are great!

Really pretty!!

And dang it… I’d forgotten Mother’s Day was coming so soon!

Those are so pretty! I’m sure everyone will love them.

Wow, such beautiful paper flowers!

So pretty! Flowers they can keep forever.

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I finally finished all the roses! They were shipped out today to my family (I don’t live close to my family) except for the pink flowers. The pink ones are for my elderly neighbor.



How sweet of you to make them for family & neighbours.

The neighbor lady lives with her son, who I’m guessing is in his 50’s or 60’s. She wanted flowers planted in the front yard garden so she could look at them while they grow and bloom. He ended up buying too many flowers (petunias) so he gave the extras to me! I planted them in my front yard garden so she could enjoy them too.
He said that she loves looking at flowers, so I decided to make her some flowers that will never wilt and that she could see at night!


So sweet!!!

Flowers that never die, I love them! :heart: