Crochet-along 2023

I thought it would be fun to have a general Crochet-along (CAL) thread for 2023! Some of us will be kicking off the year by doing Attic24’s Springfrost CAL but feel free to post anything crochet related here!

Photo of the crochet blankets I’ve made and haven’t given away yet for inspiration :slight_smile:


That pic! Those blankets! I lurrrve them. There’s just something wonderful about a crochet blanket.


I might join in when I get in the mood for chrochet next. I mostly make small things, but I have done small-ish blankets in the past. Proof:

I did make this in december:

I’ve been trying to find out what this glittery handspun wanted to be, and I think this is it! Not sure how to proceed, but it’s way better that the hat I tried to make before… :sweat_smile:


I start with my CAL temperature snake. :slight_smile: Only one week in so far, this is for the whole year. But I have a good start at least!


Ooo cool! Have you done one before? This looks like an achievable size.


No, this is the first time! I have been wanting to make a temp blanket, but that takes lots of commitment. And a snake is more managable. :slight_smile: And since its a CAL there are encouragement, so I feel like I can do this. :slight_smile:


Gorgeous blankets!

@Annchen I mostly make smaller items too. Largest I do is a lap blanket.

@skrutt a temperature snake is a cute idea!


I bought a bunch of yarn on clearance from knitpicks over a year ago with the intention of making a sweater. but the yarn wasn’t the color I expected. I was expecting a pink/peach color and it’s more of a burnt orangy color.

So I decided to make a wrap instead. It’s a basic pattern of double crochet, chain, double crochet. on the next row you double crochet in the previous chain spaces.

Spot LOVES to help with crocheting.


Gorgeous! Love the 2 rainbow stripey ones, so bright & happy.
I’d like an afghan for our bed but will need to chose a pattern & then buy yarn. I do have a small stash but it’s too random.


Loving how this is coming out, it’s going to be so soft and pretty!


Mine is turning out more like a hot summer blanket! I love the texture and it is a fast crochet. I have so many “alongs” this year that I need to work fast! 3 more colors and I will be done with this week!


You’re flying! I just finished the 8th color so 7 more to go for this week. I like your colors, looking forward to seeing it as it progresses.


Thanks! I printed out her color chart and attached my yarn to it, so next week, I just have to punch new holes and follow along. I am hoping that everything will blend nicely. All of the colors have appeared in other blankets I have made since I am using Stylecraft yarns. They really do have a wide color range that seems to go together well!


@skrutt I’m so happy you’re doing this and looking forward to watching it grow.

@AIMR and @photojenn great starts, looking forward to watching these two grow too. I’m not usually a pastel fan, I’m usually drawn to the colours on Linda’s, but Jenn’s is very pretty so far.


Just workin’ on a winter stashbuster. I made myself be an adult and admit I had no room and no budget for the attic24 fun this time around so I am following through on making room in the yarn spaces for a future round of something or other.


How much does it cost you to make an attic 24 blanket? I’m pricing it out with yarn available here & the cheapest option is still nearly $100. That, plus my effort, makes for a very dear creation, I must say!


I buy the kits from Woolwarehouse and is about $40 USD now for a twin size blanket. If you wanted to make a blanket for a queen sized bed you’d probably want to double that. Her kits use Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn which is my favorite for crochet blankets. It is super soft and I find the colors consistent across dye lots even several years apart.

To make one of her blankets all you really need is 12-15 different colors then she cycles through them in random stripe order, so you can really use whatever yarn you’d like.


Oh, lol, their website is not formatted for small devices! The page is SO tiny on a phone, ha! I’ll take a look from a computer later so I can see if they ship here & for how much. It would be odd to find more affordable product coming all the way across an ocean than right here at home but the local yarn shops are VERY expensive. Cheap stuff from Michaels would be $100 for a single blanket. I’d need at least a queen for our bed & Rob wants at least half natural fiber (he’d like 100% wool, the silly goose).
What sort of kits do you like from there?


I actually buy all of my crochet yarn from the U.K. and weaving yarn from Canada because it’s cheaper and faster than buying from retailers in the US. I don’t use animal fibers so I can’t recommend anything.


Even with shipping (which is cheap to the US), the yarn from Wool Warehouse is very affordable. The kit I got cost about $40 as Jenn said, for the twin size. It had 15 skeins but the colors were for a different pattern that I chose not to do. They also sell wools and other natural fibers.

Wouldn’t a queen size blanket of any material be about $100 anyway?