I hate crocheting into the chain and always do foundation single (or double, whatever the first row is) stitches instead.

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I do use the foundation stitch whenever I can, but this is a lace pattern…a trellis pattern with lots of chains. I tried stitching into the space but it distorts the lace by moving around, so I ended up having to stitch into the chain. I have done 11 rows out of about 200. This is the slowest I have ever crocheted…but I truly love the look!


Ahh gotcha. Yeah then to answer your original question, I haven’t found a better solution than inserting the hook into one loop at a time. I have also been lazy before and just turned the chain over and crocheted into the bottom or only crocheted into one of the loops. You might try playing around with them but they might give a slightly different look.


Working on a purse, hoping to finish it by Thursday, or Valentines day at the latest.


Should we re-name this thread to include 2024, or something that wont have the need to be re-namned again?

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Good idea! Done :slight_smile:


Just posting this pic I found on FB… talk about a huge project! Can you imagine how much yarn was involved in this???


There’s something weird about the image…the shadows don’t look right and it looks like the elephant has five legs. Is it maybe AI?


Yeah, AI, like most of the big crocheted animals out there! But they are cool, and it would be so awesome do actually do one!


I believe this one is really. Looks really comfy

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I decided to start a basketweave basket inspired by this thread. Gives me an excuse to use my new stitch marker too!


Trying the cotton on a (requested) yarmulke from a pattern by purl soho.

Update: it worked!


I finally finished one of my blankets! I used all leftover Stylecraft DK yarns from other projects, but picked out colors that sort of went together. I just started with a random number of stitches for what I thought would be a good length for the blanket. It is all done in two rows of HDC…yep…lots and lots of ends.

After a I got about halfway done, I realized that the length (45 inches) was going to be too short to be a nice lap blanket, so I had to keep going until the “width” was a bit over 60 inches…a lot more rows than I thought! To keep it from getting too boring, I just worked on it until whatever I was watching was over and then left it for a few days/weeks/months at time.

I ran out of certain colors and had to scramble to find similar colors (there are at least 5 different “beiges” or “golds” in there). I tried to be consistent with using the dark and light rust with shots of black or brown added as well…oh, and gray.

Anyway, here is the 45x60 finished blanket. I edged it with brown to cover up all the weaving in as much as I could! :grimacing:

My husband has claimed it because he liked the autumn colors. I tend to make a lot more colorful blankets, so I’m glad he one that he can use!


I love the narrow stripes and that color palette! It reminds me of autumn, too.

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It’s a lovely autumnal, masculine blanket. Lovely job my friend!