Crochet doll hats

I really wanted to start the year by making something, and I let my little ones choose. So now I have a new project planned (make comfortable crochet hook handles!) along with two little crochet hats made from yarn I’ve had for several years. Longer than I’ve had the kids anyway.


Oh, that tiny dolly is tiny!

We have tinier ones. Same as these, basically, a little over half the size. I find that making teeny tiny clothes (that will withstand being pulled on and off by little hands) is not easy. That peasant dress is a survivor. Kudos to everyone who makes all these gorgeous things for their Barbies and Blythes etc!

I have some things longer than I’ve been a mother XD guess it’s time to use it soon. But those hats are great, and that you let them decide is wonderful :smiley: Keep up the good work

This makes me want to get mini dolls for my baby doll and make them matching accessories. The hats are lovely!

And what I adore even more than that’s just the type (and brand) of doll I used to have as a kid is that my little baby bought 2 with her own money at a fleamarket – so she’d have an extra one to give to her big sister. I love that she wanted me to make something for her dolly.