Crochet Granny Square Plant Hanger

I saw this in a recent issue of Simply Crochet magazine, but instead of the super bright colors it was made in, I went with a much more neutral natural colored cotton yarn.

It’s made of several granny squares and granny triangles, crocheted together. The edging, beads, and hanging loops are added separately.


Well that’s a cool way to use crochet!

Its pretty and really sets off the plant.

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Such a neat idea. It could be a nifty hanging fruit basket sort of thing too.

That’s such a fun idea. Yours turned out lovely.

I like your neutral take!

Clever and pretty!

Thank you! It took me longer than I expected to stitch up the individual pieces, and then I ran out of yarn in the ball with just a little left to do. I had more, but couldn’t find it for a while. But, now that I have, I can make another because that one stayed in FL with my mom. I don’t have a good place to hang it right now, so I didn’t mind leaving it behind (plus it gave me a little more room in my bag to bring home a few other things).

@Abbeeroad, I debated painting the wooden beads, but laziness won out, and they stayed plain. Maybe for the next one, I can add a tiny dash of color with the beads. Perhaps I can paint them to coordinate with whatever room I end up hanging it in. But, I don’t think I’ll ever make the brightly colored version from the magazine!