Crochet iconic women

After a long hiatus, I’M BACK, BABY!
Work, life, blah blah blah.

I started a series of crochet iconic women and I’ve made 4 of them:

Amelia Earhart

Queen Elizabeth II

Jane Goodall (her chimp Flint is suspiciously not photographed)

Audrey Hepburn
There are 15 women total. Can’t wait to finish them


How cool! Is RBG in the group? I sure hope so!


So glad to see you back here! Those are all great, but I loooove the pop of turquoise your QEII brings to the party.


Yay for being back!!

I love this project!! Jane Goodall is one of my faves. :heart:

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These are sooooo coooool! I can’t wait to see the next ones you do!

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I’m obsessed with their little noses :purple_heart:.

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OMG! These are so great. What an awesome project. I cannot wait to see more.

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Oooh. These are cool. Who else is there, or do we just have to wait and find out? I think Amelia is my favorite.

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She is! I’m working my way through in the order of the book and I can’t remember where she falls in line.
Here’s the cover of the book with all the lovely ladies


How fun! Nice to have you back.

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I’m glad you’re back!

Loving your crocheted women!

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These are great! All so recognisable too!

Awesome! I love Amelia’s goggles. So glad RGB is in there, too!

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Love them all, but I really like the queens hat! These are so cool

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