Crochet Piggy Bank

Pig Side View

I’m running a football survival pool at work, and part of what I want to do is to make it still fun for the people who have been kicked out - so I instituted more prizes, like the “Safe Bet” prize, for the person who picked the odds-on favorite most often! I was going to buy a piggy bank for the prize, but I couldn’t find a good cheap one (even at a thrift store) so I made one!

It started with a bit of trial and error, to figure out how to get the slot to work - I started working in rounds, but then to make the slot I had to go back and forth and that made ridges - NO GOOD!

Time to frog the pig!

@storerboughtcreation suggested making the slot the other direction, and that worked perfectly! I did have to break the yarn along the bottom for the coin removal hole, and it is a little bit slanted (because my work twists a lot when I work in the round) but you don’t really see that so I could live with it.

The hardest part was finding a good bottle to use as the base, this was an old soap bottle I had - the one end was perfectly rounded after I cut off the little screw top neck, the other end I stuffed.

Add some ears, a snout, and a tail… then a plastic-canvas reinforced flap, and… it’s a fully functional bank!

Pig Front View
Pig Top View
Pig Bottom View Closed
Pig Bottom View Open


This is adorable!
And I think you need a tote or t-shirt that reads, “Time to frog the pig!” :joy:


“Time to frog the pig” makes me think of Kermit and Miss Piggy, lol. This is so cool, and I love that it’s fully functional too!


Ack! This is the cutest piggy bank ever! Love that it is fully functional. Your office pool sounds extra fun. :pig2: :pig: :pig_nose:

This has to be the cutest piggy bank I’ve ever seen! I’m so glad you found a workaround for the coin slot issue and were able to complete this because it makes me smile and I imagine it brings smiles to your coworkers too!

Super freaking cute!

That’s so fun! I love it.

Awesome that we have some of the best help section on the internet!! @storerboughtcreation is the best and so generous with her experience and skills!

The bank is such a cute idea…people might lose just to win it?! ha ha

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super cute! :pig:

Your piggy is ADORABLE !!

My goodness this is darling!

This is ingenious and super unique! Love it.

:rotating_light: :mega: :rotating_light: ooOOOooo-gah! oooOOOooo-gah! Your super duper craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Woohoo! :rotating_light: :mega: :rotating_light:

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Ingenious! I love this!

Very clever design! I’m glad you persevered after the frogging!

So cute and inventive!

Super cute! The buttons enclosure is ingenious and really adorable. Reminds me of those jammies with the buttons on the back.

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Pretty sure that couldn’t possibly get any cuter.