Crochet produce bag

This is a very stretchy produce bag. Not too big, but good for a farmer’s market trip. It’s crocheted bottom up from fingering weight cotton.

Sorry for the not great picture.


Nice! What a practical and lovely item. I bet you will get lots of use out of it. :blush:

I love pretty and practical crafts like this! Fantastic!

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Lovely crocheted market bag :slight_smile:

Lovely bag! I love bags

How wonderful, and stretchy is so important when it comes to bags, great job

I ry need one of these, maybe I should put this on my 50 projects list. Did it take long to make?

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great bag! Looks to be just the right size.

I love handmade produce bags! Very nice!

Nope, worked up really quick. Just lots of chains!

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Almost every store here has drastically cut down on plastic bags so I carry all sorts of sizes and kinds in my trunk.

That bag would be perfect to carry veggies from the market or fresh caught fish!! (wrapped, of course…)…love it…and then just throw it in the wash when it needs it! Nice job!

@AIMR, I live in Oregon and as of this week there are no more plastic grocery bags statewide, so I expect I’ll be making more of them!


I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at making one of these bags. How long did it take you to make it? :slight_smile:

About 2 evenings of tv watching. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Our state is moving towards that as well…and most places have also stopped serving drinks with plastic straws…you have to ask for a straw and it is paper…the tourists hate it but the sea turtles love it…


Another Oregonian here.

In anticipation of the plastic bag ban, I’ve been stashing a bunch of reusable bags.
Yours looks super well made!

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Beautiful bag