Crochet top with tutu skirt

Another holiday gift for my neice. She asked for a tutu and loves Frozen, so i went with ice colors. :snowflake:

I mostly followed this Ravelry pattern: Ravelry: Candy Baby Tutu Dress pattern by Maz Kwok

Her new doll gets a matching tutu as well: Waldorf style doll with outfits


Thatโ€™s the BEST! @AntBee, would Herself like this? Super dang cute, I adore this. I want one, lol.

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Do I see an LC meet up where we ALL wear them?? lol I think Iโ€™m off to the yarn cabinet to check colorsโ€ฆ :dancing_women:



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Whats better than a doll with outfits? A matching outfit for the kid!!!
This is so cute on its own too. Lucky niece!

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Love that she will be able to dress the same as the doll! That will be a photo opportunity, for sure. So sweet!

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