Crocheted garage door opener holder/cozy?

I started a new job assisting a really awesome elderly woman while her daughter and son-in-law are at work. Her daughter recently gave her a garage door opener to their home so she can access the ramp in the garage to go in and out.

The problem is that the opener is dark, as is the inside of her purse, so it’s difficult to find sometimes. I was thinking of crocheting her a bright blue holder or cozy for it. At first I thought of crocheting a small pouch with a button, then I thought about leaving one end open and chaining a small wrist strap.

My question is- has anyone ever made anything like this or have any ideas or tips for the construction of it?


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I made this cell phone case for my friend back when cellphones were flip phones and not large rectangles… maybe something like this? (without the eyes and teeth though :laughing:)
I’m pretty sure I have the pattern printed out in a binder if you’re interested in something like that.

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Probably not too helpful because if you could you would, but I would just wing it - use the item to gauge how many stitches you’d need then either do it in the round or flat then seam.
If you do a wrist strap it could double as a draw string, if your lady would be able to manage opening it.

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I don’t know, I think the eyes and teeth are what make it! That’s pretty funny.


What about adding a key chain ring so she can attach it to something in her purse - assuming the purse has a little doohickey for a key chain, that is.


There are tons of pouch patterns on Ravelry, you could look for something that lines up with what you have in mind there - everything from very simple to very comlex. I like the idea of some way to clip it to the side of her purse, maybe a carabiner or something that would be simple for elderly hands to open and close.
Here’s the results of a quick search for “small pouch” on Ravelry:

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@endlessly_intricate I have assisted elderly and enjoyed learning from them of their lives and cultures. Kudos to you for what you are doing. Although I haven’t made a cover for a garage remote, I LOVE the idea. Whether crocheted or sewn, it will be easy to find in a purse. If you choose to do a critter theme, here is an eye-dea: perhaps place the eyes (mouth, a rectangle, whatever) over the spot where the garage opening button is, so she will know where to press instead of having to open the pouch.

A potential problem of the pouch slipping or twisting, would move the eyes off of the button. A small bit of velcro – Okay, nix that velcro idea lol – I am thinking like a sewist instead of a crocheter.

Wrist strap sounds awesome, or maybe even a lanyard option.
Looking forward to seeing what you create! You have hit upon a darling, helpful idea. :sweat_smile:

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Also, wherever the garage button is, consider a very different feeling/texture of yarn (or something non-yarn sewn onto that spot only), in case she has to find it by touch alone (night time access, eyesight failing, needing to not pull it out of her purse for some safety reason, etc).

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Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions, everyone! They helped me come up with an idea that I just did a horrible drawing of on my phone.