Crocheted Gnome ornaments

I’ve been working on these little guys for the swap the shop. I used this pattern, but modified it by using a lightweight yarn and a 3.5mm hook. They turned out super cute and a lot better than I thought they would.

I had never used the loop stitch before and I love the way the beard looks using it.


Those are so cute…and I love the texture the beards have!

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So cute! I have heard of that stitch but it looks fiddly! What a great result…the beards look really good!

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So cute! Your loop stitch looks great!

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These are oh so cute!

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So excited two of them are coming to live at my house!


These are so sweet!

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So cute! Love those beards! I am working on gnomes for STS as well but I can’t crochet! Those beards are so amazing… mine will be less fancy for sure.