Crocheted shawl

I picked up this yarn really cheaply in Aldi, I think I paid about $4 total. I really wanted something to keep my hands busy while watching tv. I’m having a weird compulsion at the moment to make.all.the.time so I started this. The pattern is crazy eights shawl from ravelry. I’ve never made a shawl before and had no idea how much yarn I would need, so I started working from the point up, I figured I’d stop when I ran out, or it got big enough. I wanted a big shawl, so when it was big enough, I started a border. Fell in love with this bobble pompom border.

The whole thing was done with just 7yards of yarn left over. It’s very warm and snuggly


Pretty! I like the color too.

Nice color…and I do like the denser pattern to make a heavier shawl.

Beautiful color! I may need a close-up of the “bobble pompom border”…

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What a lovely shawl! I like the color! I’m jealous that your Aldi carries craft supplies. I check every time I go, and never see any. And, the urge to craft all the time is a great way to channel your energy during these stressful times and make something beautiful.

It’s only occasionally, when they get their 'specials ’ in. Craft/art stuff only appears about three times a year

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I haven’t it to hand right now, but this is the tutorial I used


Thanks for that! Looks like a very cute border.

Beautifully done my friend!