Crocheted Stormy Day Shawl

I love variegated yarn so much and used a cake for some projects. My partner gave me 2 cakes and a set of tulip crochet hooks for Valentines Day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This cake turned into Stormy Day by Kirsten Ballering. Here’s the link:

Here is a link to the yarn I used:

I love the many popcorn stitches so much! It is such a fun shawl to crochet.

And this one too, was donated and already bought.
I hope this pretty shawl will be worn a lot and be loved better than here in my closet.

Thanks for looking!


You are so talented! My dishcloths don’t compare to this kind of artistry :joy:

I never wear shawls, how do y’all use them? Like a scarf or like a jacket?


If you can crochet a dishcloth, you can crochet this too! Really! I picked up crochet about 6 or 7 years ago and my skills improved with every shawl I made.

I wear it like a scarf, like you see on the mannequin. I like to use a pin, so it stays the way I want to.


Beautiful stitching! I can see this style with these colors going with so many different outfits. :cloud_with_snow:

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Beautiful shawl and I love the colorway you chose! :slight_smile:

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Since I got 2 yarn cakes, I am working on another shawl right now, with the same colours. I love it too!

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Oh gorgeous!

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Your shawl is beautiful! The yarn you used is perfect for it :slight_smile:

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Thanks ladies!

Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

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