Cross Stitch for my Tattoo Artist

I have almost a full half-sleeve of crafting themed tattoos and I thought it would be fun to make something for the guy that’s always giving them to me. It’s a mixture of 2 different patterns that I found on Etsy.

Thanks for looking!


HA! Awesome and excellent stitching.

Hahahaha! You included “popular” tattoos! I love it! My friend used to joke during the time when birds were popular to jazz up your craft by “putting a bird on it”. I’d be like “Oh, I like this tote for my books” and she’d casually say “put a bird on it”. It was a joke, but a hilarious one.

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This is fantastic.

Ha ha ha! Hilarious! Bet it gets a lot of comments and love.

Hilarious and well stitched!

I love that! “Does it have a bird?” “No.” “Then I don’t want it.”

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Hahaha! This is so funny… and well-stitched.


Brilliant…love the stitched sentiment :slight_smile:

Love it!