Cross-Stitch Wooden Box

Several years ago, I bought a bunch of these wooden boxes with a cross stitch grid on the lid (from Target). I finally decided to stitch one up. I stitched around the letter to show the wood section for the initial. This used up way more floss that I expected, and it was challenging to start and end the floss because the edge of the lid was in the way, so I just ended up tying knots. Notice, there is no picture of the back :laughing:

And, ion the poor light, I didn’t realize the green floss was two slightly different shades. But, I think it make it look like grass!


Such a cool box! How cool is that?

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Cool little box!

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This is very neat! It would be a brilliant way to wrap a gift as well- it would be a two-fer!

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Thank you! The box is about 4-5" square and about 3" or so deep. It has a little magnet to keep the lid closed, so it’s pretty decent for a Target craft item :slight_smile:

@Bunny1kenobi, I actually bought several to use for that exact purpose! Stitch up the lid, and tuck something inside, but I never got around to it. But, it’s still a possibility since I have a few of them left.


I do that all the time. Best intentions, buy a bunch of an item, them it sits there in my craft room. I am glad you got it done. It turned out neat and i actually like the two colors. Adds a little depth and pizzazz.

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I have a whole room in my house full of my best intentions :laughing: And, the two colors are only really obvious in the right light, so it works! I haven’t decided what to store in it yet. I might stick some potpourri (is that even still a thing people do?) in there since the scent could waft through the holes.

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