Cup ramen!

This was the design my son wanted for his Valentine box. I was able to snag a frosting bucket from work (we have a bakery section in our store and go through a lot of this stuff!) and found a design I was able to trace and cut out. Of course the face details didnt want to cut or transfer correctly so one side has a markered-on nose :woman_shrugging:t3:
It’s not finished, we will cut a hole in the lid and hot glue the yarn all around the lid and rim, and have some strands hanging down like it’s an overflowing cup of noodles. I’ll toss a picture in here when we finish.

So then I looked at my work cup and decided it needed a fresh new look as well. I shrunk the design down and warped it to fit the cup shape…

…and then whipped up another design for the other side!


These are ridiculously cute!


Haha…great design. Love that this was his idea for his Valentine box. My son had a Maruchan shirt that he wore to threads!

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So clever and fun!

What a fun idea, I love the addition of the noodles to his bucket and the ‘send noods’ on your cup - :rofl::joy:!

These are hilariously fantastic! I love that he came up with the idea and you executed it so well! I can’t wait to see the finished picture! Smart of you to get the most of your effort by using it to update your work cup, too! “Send noods”! HA!

What a clever idea! Totally adorable, too. Ramen for the win!

I think it’s done but I feel like I might go back and add more because that’s what I do.


It looks great! But wait—isn’t it too late to get Valentines?

We are part of a homeschooling group and we have our rollerskating/Valentine’s party tomorrow!



What a fun idea! How creative for this and for the cup. :slight_smile:

Winner winner chicken dinner!


:boom: Woohoo!! This fantastic project is featured this week! :boom:

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My son is also addicted to the ramen! This is perfect!

Ok, so many great things about this! First the idea & execution are deliciously spot on nomnom! Then I just love seeing an older kid still excited about a school Valentines event! Mine teens are super bummers about all that & I miss being fun together.
Last, he won something? Because it’s so cool, of course!

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Flippin’ amazing!

Yes, he won a gift card to 5 Below! So did my youngest son - even though he just reused an old card box from a previous year :grimacing:


Ya, that shark box is awesome too!

Congrats to both of them!