Curried Chicken Soup

Mom and I have been cooking a LOT of new recipes at home lately, and this one was definitely a keeper!

We tweaked the following recipe:

We used regular rice instead of wild, and added it in raw with the broth (including some extra broth to make up for the cooking water), and saved the coconut milk to add at the end. We put the red pepper flakes in earlier in the process and not as a garnish, and we didn’t bother with coconut flakes, but the cilantro definitely added a lot! This stuff was really tasty and we want to make it again!


I’ve been cooking a lot, too. This looks like one that would taste even better the next day.

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mmm You had me at curry! Definitely been cooking the recipes you all have been posted…narrows the field for me and so far, all have been delicious!

Thanks for posting your tweaks as well…sometimes I forget you can substitute stuff and it still tastes good! mmmm

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Like AIMR, you had me at Curry! :smiley: I visit Gimme Some Oven on a regular basis. I love their recipes.

Gonna give this soup a try. Thanks for sharing!

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Oh yeah, definitely! That was the reason for the one tweak I forgot to mention: doubling the recipe! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: