Curtain Do-Over

Changing curtains from gathered top to rings, and brass rod to black.
This has taken way longer than it should have.


Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 2.39.06 PM

Took down the curtains and washed them.

Meanwhile, figured out how to attach the rings evenly. (Drapery header). Took a trip to Joann fabric, bought the header.

Ordered the rings from Amazon (what kind? what size? how many? what color?), waited for them to arrive.

Measured and figured, and measured and figured, and finally pinned the header to the curtains. Sewed it to the top of the curtains.

Looked in all the cupboards, drawers, and other logical places to see what kind of drapery pins I already had on hand. I had a bunch of these.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 2.51.28 PM

Tried them in different places in the header to see what would work / look okay. Realized that I actually needed the short pins.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 2.50.50 PM

Decided I would use what I had and would just cut off some length from all the pins.

Felt very smart that I put the pins in the header FIRST and then clipped them. (Otherwise I would have lost the pointy parts and could not have stuck the pins through the header). Found the wire cutters. Cut all the pins. Chased down all the pin tops that flew around the room. Still missing one.

Fixed the holes from taking down the rod: Found the spackle, found the matching wall paint. Spackled the holes. Let dry, sanded, painted.

Foraged in the basement for paint for the rod. Found some black gloss spray paint. Gave the rod and brackets a spray. Let dry. TOO shiny. Next day, asked my husband to get some matte paint while he was out. He got it, but that day and the next week it was too cold for painting.

In the meantime, decided where to rehang the rods (higher than before) and marked the holes. Found the drill and bit set.

TODAY it’s warm enough! Sprayed the rods matte black. Screwed the brackets to the wall and adjusted, and adjusted, and adjusted to get them even.

Ironed the curtains, hung them, adjusted the width of the rod about a hundred times, and trained the folds.



Definitely not a quick project but the finished results look so good!

What a completely different look you gave those curtains! Amazing.

Well at least it was worth all the work you had. It looks great!

Huzzah for climbing all those project steps!!!

Oooh, that new look is gorgeous!

Ooooo! What a nice change/upgrade. It’s so nice that you used your skill and experience to use what you have to make what you want. Quite a different look without waste! I have been procraftinating a similar project, except I haven’t made the curtain yet. I have gathered some materials: rod, rings, linen, drapery header. However, I need some others: finials, some kind of trim. Oh, and motivation. You may have inspired me to move forward at the next opening in my making schedule!

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Yes, even though it took a long time, it was a lot faster than it would have been if I had had to also MAKE the curtains!


It seems somehow unfair that rectangles be challenging, but once they get over a certain size…

Oh boy, what an adventure!
The new look is nice, very sophisticated looking.