Custom Tumblers for the LC Midwest Meetup

I almost forgot to share these! I made favors for everyone who attended the Midwest Meetup. Because it was going to be hot, and we’d spend time in the pool, where DH & I don’t allow glass, I decided to do acrylic tumblers for everyone. That way people could tell their drinks apart, and be safe at the same time! I ordered a set of 12 tumblers, in a rainbow of colors from Amazon, along with a bundle of colors of permanent adhesive vinyl..

For each one I used my Silhouette to cut out the person’s username in vinyl that matched their cup. I also cut a bunch of heart shaped buttons, in a mix of black and teal, as a nod to the LC site colors (couldn’t find a good coral color). For those I picked whichever color button I thought best complimented their tumbler color. Somehow I missed getting a picture of all 9 completed tumblers, so I just have mine, and endymion’s, as she wasn’t able to attend after all.

I filled each cup with some goodies, including a fat quarter of fabric, 5 skeins of embroidery floss to use in our Sunday Make & Take project, and a couple of crafting themed stickers, for folks to add to their tumblers if they wished. Finally I added little silicone straw covers, also picked up on Amazon. I bought a bundle of 21 random designs, and just picked each one to match the tumblers based on color. Since I had several leftover, I put them in a bowl on the table in case anyone wanted to swap theirs for something else. I would include a link, but they are no longer available on the site. Endymion’s is a cute little doe. Mine had a blue dragon.

Here’s an action shot of @megwell’s cup, which she got to reuse on the drive home.

Here’s the closest thing I can come to a shot of all the cups, everyone at lunchtime with their rainbow of cups.

(Left to right: Lynx, GeekyBookworm, sheepBlue, MistressJennie, megwell, fishstix43, Abbeeroad. Person taking the photo, and therefore not seen at the front of the table; Edel!)

Here’s my cup, with a few specially hoarded stickers I’ve added to it.

If anyone else has a pic of their cup, feel free to share!


Ack! So cute!!! What a great idea, and I can’t wait to pick mine up. It looks adorable!

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What awesome and personalized favors to have as a reminder of such a fun and productive meet up!

The picture of everyone together is just fabulous…

Those little straw covers are fabulous as well…

Do these have any special care requirements? Hand wash?

These are great! I love the font you used…and who wouldn’t love to receive a tumbler full of crafty goodness?

Well now I wish I’d crashed the party.

Also. Everyone in that pic is wearing glasses. Not something you see every day.


Yeah, hand wash. You can make them more dishwasher safe by coating them in something, like a spray acrylic or mod podge, but I didn’t want to mess with that, with all I was trying to get done for the Meetup.

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Here’s mine! It has joined the beverage goblin lineup and has been in constant rotation since the meetup!


These cups are really cool and such a practical thing to have during and after the meetup! I love seeing everyone sitting together around a table! I don’t recognize all the faces and would love a caption of who’s who if people are comfortable with that. If not, that is totally OK, too!

I am going to guess that the place mat with the tea cup belongs to @edel:laughing:


I added a caption. I think everyone is comfortable because we were all checking on that as we posted pics to the site during the Meetup. If anyone wants me to remove the pic, just let me know!


It is a fabulous picture of you all!!!

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Thank you!

I seriously was just thinking yesterday, “I wonder if Jennie decided not to post the tumblers…” :laughing:

Here’s a full-length shot of mine.

It really was a super practical favor! I always had a cup handy w/o having to ask (or rummage through the cabinets looking for one.)


Here’s my awesome tumbler!!

I had to search for the straw topper because my daughters stole it! (Jennie also gave me an extra one for my other daughter and Ruby of course had to add stickers to one of her cups.)

Thank you Jennie!! :purple_heart:


Those are so cute & thoughtful. The little straw toppers are so clever too! This is yellowjacket season & as much as I love bees, I don’t want to sip one up outta my straw :honeybee:


I’m so sad! I had mine out and about and clumsy me dropped it. The lid cracked. Ugh. I will use it to store pens pencils, etc now.


They make replacement lids…check Amazon…also, any 20 oz. lid should fit…I save some of the lids from take out drinks to use on my 20 oz. glasses. With cats, I can’t leave a drink on my desk or bedside without a lid!


These are super cute! And obviously a big hit!!

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