Cute Cactus #1--no water needed!

A few years ago I was gifted with some patterns from Noialand. I made three of the patterns and had this one in my stash. Since I moved and downsized, I have chosen not to have any real plants in my home but I wanted something. When I came across this in my cleaning and organizing process, I decided to make them. I had everything in my stash from felt to the rocks (yes, I moved rocks…):roll_eyes:

I changed the pattern up a bit by adding the pink fruit and more spines. I also added the ribbon choker and bow because even a cactus needs some bling. She was fun to make while watching tv.


Simply adorable

So cute! Is the title indicating that we can look forward to more prickly cuties? :wink:

lol nothing slips by you :kissing_heart:


Darling cactus and no worries about over or under watering her!

I love her! I love how she can’t die…even without water! Yes!

So kawaii!!!

Thanks…every once in a while the kawaii in me comes out…or as my okasan used to say “cute-o”


She’s such a cutey!


That is so sweet!! You make so many wonderful things!!


I appreciate all the extra details you added to make it your own!


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Look at her little bow! I can’t stand it! So cute!


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she’s cute. I like your additions.

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I used the tutorial where you use a fork to make the perfect little bows…if you use a cocktail fork, you can make them teeny tiny
Tiny Bows

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She is adorable and I love her expression.

Thanks, Becca! The expression is a result of not being great at stitching straight …I mean, I did it on purpose…

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Now I’m going to have to look up the pattern, because it is so adorable. I love that the cactus girly has ginger hair!