Cute Little Stove Box Card

TheMisterT’s mom has just finished a long desired kitchen remodel project and when I came upon a snarky oven mitt that was perfect for her, I decided to make her a “kitchen warming” card with this cut file from that I already had!

Her new appliances are stainless steel, so I went with this “dull” silver paper for the panels. She doesn’t have accent colors going yet, but red is her favorite color and I liked it with these green-ish blues in the flatware pattern and teapot.


She has quartz counters that are white and grey and wood/iron bar stools, so I chose these papers for the envelope. I remembered I had this fun flatware punch, so added the “seal” for just another little detail. Also, her snarky oven mitt is wrapped in paper with flatware all over it. So, yes, I DO have a thing for flatware imagery, who’s askin’? :crazy_face:


BONUS: This is another all stash project! WOOHOO!
BONUS 2: Here’s a pic of the snarky (and cussy) oven mitt.


That is definitely one of the coolest cards I’ve seen in awhile!

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Coolest oven ever! Nice mitt, too.

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Hahaha! Brill mitt and another stellar card! She will love them both :green_heart:

That is epic.
And I need mitts like that.

This is awesome!

Thanks so much everyone!

You just have something for every occasion, it seems! This is amazing! So many cool details.

haha! Thanks so much! Made this one before in a totally different vibe, for my little cousin’s housewarming.


This is so cool!!

Love your choice of color here! I think she should match her kitchen to this card. :laughing:

And of course the oven mitt is amazing!

Thanks, friends!

This is so adorable!

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How is this so incredibly perfect?!

Awww, thanks y’all!

@MegAskunk Oh, don’t make me start pointing out the not-quite-right bits!

This is so much awesome-sauce! I love that mitt, too.

This is so cool! I haven’t yet succumbed to the wonders of the Cricut but I gotta say your projects are luring me there!

Thanks, folks!

@alteredmommy There are so many cutting machines out there, each with their own pros and cons and special features and I wish I could have one of each and spend days and days playing with them to figure out which was best at what!