Cute name bunting

Hi crafty people!

A fellow worker of mine asked me to sew a name bunting for her newborn granddaughter. She had bought a name bunting for her grandson but the store she bought them, didn’t sell those anymore.
She turned to me, knowing I can sew and she calls me the most crafty woman she knows :joy: Who can resist such a request after that :wink:

She sent me a picture and measurements of the other bunting and I thought about the technique to use.
Then I saw that the technique used in the other bunting, was very simple. I printed and cut templates of the letters. Traced them onto my fabric and before cutting, I ironed double sided fusible web and then cut the letters.
Ironed a smaller piece of thin quilt batting onto one letter, to add a little dimension and stiffness.
Added pieces of ribbon to use for hanging the letter (weird description, sorry) and some decorative ribbon to some of the sides.
Other side of the letter on top and ironed the heck out of it.
Last step was to sew along the edges, to make sure it all stays in place.


Not the best picture.

I added a cupcake at the beginning and a heart at the end. Those are covered with a layer of modpodge with glitters :orange_heart:

The backside

She loves it and will soon deliver it to her daughter so she can proudly hang it in the nursery room :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for looking!


Awww! That is so sweet! It is so bright and colorful.


Ha ha once people find out you can craft or sew, then you become the one they turn to!

I think it is great that you could make what she had in mind! It is really sweet…but aren’t you glad her name wasn’t “Madeline” or longer? ha ha ha

Love the personal touches…a sweet cupcake and heart…nice job and thanks for sharing how you did it!

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That is so amazing! You’re a great friend and an amazing crafter!!

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Thank you @kittykill, @AIMR and @bethntim!

Hahahaha! Well yes maybe I am :joy:

I always think of making pictures how it’s done, after I’m done :crazy_face: So I hope my description makes sense.

My fellow worker paid me for this, she asked how much it had cost me but paid me way more. She said that was what she would have paid in store… She wants me to buy some nice crafting stuff or something nice for myself with it! :relaxed:


So sweet! I love the decorative ribbon details.


Thanks @Abbeeroad!
I stole that idea from the original bunting, they had done a similar thing.


I like the ribbon loop technique!

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Ah, the sweetest! What a nice, personal gift.

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Thank you @thanate and @Magpie!

The ribbon loops seemed to be the easiest, since it is light weighted. :smile:

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