Cutesy pink notecards

I made these for @irid3sc3nt in the Mini Box of Color swap. The fronts of the cards are made from scrapbook paper and other paper scraps, with some paper crafting embellishments added.

The square ones are just over 2 inches square and will be great for gift tags.

The other two are 3x5 (ish).

I used an envelope template for my silhouette to make the envelopes from scrapbook paper.

Thanks for looking!


Adding the little gold accents is a very nice touch and gives a nice focal point. I love the envelope flap…such a pretty shape!


Thank you!

They are so pretty, I almost don’t want to give them away. I might save them until Valentine’s Day for next year and have a card-within-a-card card.

I assumed they were diecut! Probably because that’s what I use. I concur, the envelope flaps are Fancy! :princess:

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Thank you! I’m glad you like them!

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Such cute little cards! I love the fancy envelope flaps.

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Thanks! I love how fancy the flaps are.

The envelopes are so fancy and the cards are very pretty!

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Thank you!

Ooo, these are going to be so fun for her to give to special people!

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