Cutting A Rug - Literally, Like, Right In Half

I bought a rag rug at a discount store that said it was made from recycled fabric - mostly polyester.

I could never find a rug that was the right size to go all the way under the guest bed and a few feet on either side, nor could I find two runners of the right size, style, colors, and price. Then I saw this for just about $15 and thought I’d try cutting it in half to suit my needs.

I drew lines about 1/2 and inch on either side of the center, that I then sewed over with my sewing machine to keep things pretty much together. After that I cut right between the two sewn lines.

I had intended to sew a binding over the cut edge, but sewing this thing was not a great experience and I couldn’t imagine adding binding tape would be any better. They’ve withstood a pair of 3-night guests really well, so I’ll keep an eye on them and reassess if necessary. If there were in a heavier traffic area, I would probably have sucked it up and added the binding.



That is a great solution! Love the bedding, they accent each other well

Thank you! Fingers crossed it holds up! I made the duvet set from Ikea fabric! @MistressJennie made the applique BF pillow and @kittykill did the cross stitch on the other one!


Very clever!

Love the rug transformation!

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Yay, a great solution! As i was reading, my brain said “she cut it! How smart! But … unravelling?” But then you took care of that issue! I cannot imagine sewing on a rug … did it slip around?

Thank you! It wasn’t too bad. I kind of did an accordion folded it in my lap, but also rolled the right side. My sewing machine was set up at the end of the dining table to support it after it went through the machine. It was mostly about controlling the bulk/weight.


They look great and are a perfect fit! Clever idea.

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They are perfect!
And so nice and colorful.

I really feel your ‘sewing this thing was not a great experience’ statement! They came out great!


Smart fix and it looks nice, too! Perfect fit for the room!

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Good solution! I love the rug in that room…feels like something you would see in a lodge in the woods…I can’t imagine sewing it let alone binding it…so kudos for plowing through!

Also, I love how you have decorated and done this room over time…finding the right things…your thermos bottle lamps still tickle me when I see them!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Aw, you! It’s really the only fully lodge-y room in the house and it is nice to have a place to go a bit over the top with that vibe. It gives guests the full Montana experience, I guess!


Great idea!

Consider hot glue if you decide to bind.

Thanks. I will add that to the list, but I think I might first try just melting the poly should I decide it needs more attention.