Daddy Pedro Pascal

So, as of late I have been in a huge crafting funk. The only thing that has kept me afloat has been the ongoing ATC swap and an OTT SWAP. I’m so happy for those.

In that funk, I missed my opportunity to do my mini painting series for Father’s Day :disappointed: So…… now I’m just going to do a “daddy” series :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Hopefully this pulls me out of my rut.

Here’s Pedro Pascal on a 2 in. x 2 in. Canvas


A “Daddy” series. What an amazing idea. :smile: Pedro is clearly the perfect place to start.


Wow! So tiny but massively cool!

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Yesss! Just yes.

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What a clever way to do the daddies!

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As always, your tiny paintings are perfect and stunning!

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This is AMAZING!

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How absolutely amazing! I see the tiniest brushes ever that you use to make these. I’m in awe of your raw talent!

The best way I’ve found to get out an art/crafting funk is just to make some of what makes you happy, and daddies are a great thing to make! hahah!

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:joy::joy::joy: can’t go wrong with daddies hahahaha.

And thank you.

@MightyMitochondria @Abbeeroad @Tapestry @Bunny1kenobi @PrincessP @TheMistressT @Kwality570

Thank you everyone. I can’t take full credit for this idea. My friend mentioned it and I said, why not! That sounds fun. Hahahaha.

Hopefully I’ll have more to come.

I’ll take recommendations for your favorite/unconventional “daddy” as well :joy:

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George Strait. Yes, he’s old, but his love songs always make me want to take my clothes off.

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Now you got me going. Like my previous one, maybe he is too niche and not well-known. Mike Birbiglia is my favorite comedian. Sweet, self-deprecating, and humble. I would date him in a second.

I bet everyone will look at my suggestions and think, “Umm…OK, Rose. You do you.” :smile:


Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin come to mind. Also Gomez Addams, Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith Show- single dads were not mainstream when that show was on TV).

Okay… wait… we aren’t talking, like dads so much as like, daddies… like dudes that make us drool….?

If we’re looking for heartthrobs my money’s on Robert Downey Jr. Yum. Plus he was a dad in the final Avengers movie (I love you 3000…melt).



@Myruka I think we need clarification about your themes. I feel like my suggestions are too conventional. I think @Bunny1kenobi has some great suggestions. Do father fugure daddies fit your theme?

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@MightyMitochondria @Bunny1kenobi lol yes, more “daddies” like heartthrobs than actual dads lol.

@MightyMitochondria i remember my parents going through a country phase when I was a kid in the 90’s. So I do agree with George Straight. I also loved Tim McGraw at the time. Lol.

And Gomez from 90’s Addams Family swoon :drooling_face:

@Bunny1kenobi yes! Robert Downey Jr!!! I remember having a huge crush on him as a kid when I watched Heart and Souls and that crush just continued lol.


Does Brunny count? I feel like he’s the arguably the official daddy of LC.

Photo by Smmarrt from another thread.


I just snorted water out my nose, thanks. :joy:



@AntBee at least yours was only water… protein shake over here…. :joy::rofl:


I’m not sure Brunny qualifies. He’s more of a brother, IMHO.

My brothers don’t like anything like that.
Brunny :heart_eyes: