Daicon Haruko- FLCL fanart

I created this piece for an anime art show at a local gallery. FLCL or Fooly Cooly has been a big influence on me, my art style and alias’. This is Canti/TV Boy and Haruko Haruhara as the Daicon Bunny, an anime mascot. Daicon Haruko was actually one of my first online handles. As usual, it’s watercolor and crayons. It’s also 11x15 which I couldn’t find a frame for locally, so I had to use a larger one. The best thing was showing my 4yr old niece the piece and her seeing Haruko and saying, “It’s youuuuu! It’s you with bunny ears!!” so cute.

Here’s some progress photos!!


FLCL is my jam! My husband and I watched it A LOT together back in the day. Every once in a while we bring it back out. The animation is super fun.

I love this piece! The background is stunning, of course, and the white lines around the edges really make it pop. I’m sure it was well-received at the art show!


I have no idea what FLCL is, but this looks so fun! I love all the details and the movement. Its a great piece!

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I freaking love your art style! One more amazing piece from you!!!

And I love your little one’s reaction!

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Very cool! Love the reaction from your niece. I will have to check out the show, I’m not familiar!

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Wow! Great art and must have been fun to be part of an anime art show. My son is more familiar with FLCL than I am; he says you did a fantastic job!

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