Dancing in the Living Room- a family ATC

For Mr. Kenobi’s bday, I made him an ATC commemorating an evening fairly early in our dating years. We had been out for dinner and he had taken me home. I had turned on some music and asked him to dance with me (he does NOT like to dance, BTW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Anyway, canoodling inevitably commenced and this became a very magical evening because it was the first time in our relationship that “I love you”’s were said…… sigh… ah, romance!

PS. His nose is not that big. Blame it on the fat marker.


Haha! The marker! This is such a sweet card and story.

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Thank you! :heart:

What a lovely memory, and a beautiful way to celebrate it with him. Love the colorful background and the couple silhouette. (It actually seems to look like you! Not sure how that’s possible, but it does, somehow.)

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What a sweet memory and such a lovely way to commemorate it!


Thanks, friends!

@endymion that’s funny!

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