Dark(er) Tea Towels

I had given my oldest DIL a tea towel at Christmas but my son thought it was too pretty to use, he was afraid their daughter would wipe up spills on the floor, I encouraged him several times to use it, finally they did and loved it.

As a joke I decided to make some dark towels so he wouldn’t be as concerned. When I delivered them last month, he said they still can’t be used on the floor :smiley:

I used the same warp for both except added an additional small section to the bottom one. I used one colour weft on the top one and all the colours on the bottom one.

This is part of the first towel I gave her.


I understand where your son is coming from. It’s such a lovely towel.

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Such rich and luxe colors!

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Another lovely set! The darker colorway is genius for encouraging recipients to use them!



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Dark towels! Smaaaaaart! And pretty!

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