Date Night Sharks

So my wife and I went on a fun date to the local art museum. It was realy more of a kids craft and learning zone, but being kids at heart, it was perfect.

It had tons of exhibits and hands-on art projects. Stations to make crafts, and places to draw on walls or build with legos.

The first thing we did was make fun digital drawings on their touch-screen art TV’s. We were on a date, so naturally the following was born.

Then we found a little table with printable shark heads, crayons, scissors and glue sticks. The table wash pushed up against a wall with tons of other home-made sharks from kids that had been through recently.

The fun part about this (besides art, duh) was that we came in about 30 minutes before they closed, and with the coronavirus hanging around, we were the only ones in the whole place! So we didnt even have to fight any kids to make our own sharks! Haha!

We decided that our sharks were on a date too. And man did they dress for the occasion!

We had lots of fun on this date. Who knew running around a kids arts and craft studio like you owned the place could be so awesome. (I mean really though, doesn’t that just sound great!?!?!)


Sounds glorious! :green_heart:

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What a fun and creative way to go on a date! It is important sometimes to be child like in your experiences…and love what you created…the sharks dating is just hilarious!

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Haha thanks!!

Adorable! It is important to be childlike if it’s fun. Often adults are worried about that, but it seems like crafters and artists in general don’t care a bit about what others think and that’s great!


Super cute!

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What a fun and creative date!!

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