Day or the Dead Halloween Costume

Originally, I was going to a Steampunk Halloween Party, but it was cancelled due to illness. I still had a neighbourhood party, so I decided to forgo the gears/goggles/brass and go with a ’Day of the Dead’ costume.

I had thrifted the bright pink and black corset ages ago. I found a black lace top and wrap to complete the look. Unfortunately, the lace top was lined and very visible through the corset. It fit snugly, so I carefully opened up the seams to remove the lining, but it still was visible under the corset. I ended up just sewing the sleeves and shoulders to the corset, with a piece down the back to cover the gap, then added a flounce and trim to the neckline and used the lace back for fingerless gloves.

The back inside:

Flowers from stash and some lace became the headpiece.

As my attempt at the makeup was a failure, I ‘made-up’ a skeleton cup from the dollar store instead - Sharpies, ‘gems’ and trim flowers.


This seems like it could be a surprisingly versatile costume! COOL!

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It all looks so great together! And I love the decorated cup!

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Wow! It’s fabulous! Looks great on you, too.

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Cool! Love the colors.

I wore my wedding dress as a day of the dead costume a few years ago!


Looks great!

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Great repurposing! I love the veil.

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You did an amazing job!
Great upcycling!

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What’s a great way to reuse your wedding dress!

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Thank you!!

Way to pivot. All that amazing work and the party was canceled?! Yikes! I am glad you found another venue for your beautiful costume.
@Bunny1kenobi Did you see this?


Wow! Way to pivot, indeed!!

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Thank you!

WoW! :heart_eyes: I must say amazing work and specially the skeleton cup wins my heart :blush:.
Simply superb!

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