Decorative Homage to Hufflepuff and Crafting

A dear old friend is visiting, and she saw my art supplies and decided we should paint something. I’m not great at realistic painting, so I decided to do something fun and decorative and cartoonish. I outright stole the badger from a Pinterest pin (with apologies to the original creator!!!) but I’m just gonna hang it in my craft room, so hopefully no harm no foul.


This is adorable. It’s so cheery looking. And I love the yarn ball as a sun. And the badger is awesome.

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That’s so danged cute, I love the eyes :eyes:

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So sweet!

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I love everything about this. It’s so whimsical and fun. I love the style and hooray for Hufflepuff! :tada:

OMG, so awesome! @PerfectlyBohemian, how cool is this?!?!

Aww, its adorable! :slight_smile:

This is super fun!!

OMG, as a Hufflepuff myself, I am in LOVE with this!

This is so fun! I love it :badger:

That is so cute! And how fun it is to have a friend who wants to do crafty things with you. And I wouldn’t care if someone copied my stuff if it was for personal use.

That looks great, I love the style!


Wow!! It’s incredible!

Another Hufflepuff here! I’d love to do something like that and include my artsy hobbies! Great job!

The style is very cool! I adore your hand lettering as well. Very cool piece.

It’s awesomely whimsical! You should make prints of the original artwork :slight_smile:

I love this! It has me thinking about how I would design my own version (even though it would never turn out this cool).

Oh man, this is so freaking cute. Fellow Hufflepuff as well and love it!

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i love so many of the items featured here. my grabby hands are itching!