Decoupage parasol

I’ve had this parasol hanging in my bath for a few years. It originally had painted flowers, but they faded, leaving behind just some vivid green and pink splashes you can still see from underneath:

I painted over the remaining pink and green, then
decoupaged torn out bits of floral napkins over the paint and around the edge.

Hanging it was a challenge, but at least I had already figured that out. I screwed a hook in the corner of the ceiling. I tied some elastic around the parasol handle, then added some stiff wire and made a loop.

I perilously stood on the edge of the bathtub and put the wire loop over the hook, with the parasol CLOSED; because an open parasol blocks you from reaching the hook. The elastic gives enough stretch to open the parasol after it is hanging.


What a lovely save!

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Very pretty! Glad you were able to rescue it.

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This is beautiful! Great idea!

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Very pretty and a great way to save it from fading even more.