Deep in the heart of Texas *clap clap clap clap*

I made this cookie as part of a “sugar my state” collab with other bakers on Instagram.
Fun fact: I only used one color of royal icing (white) for these cookies! All the other colors were hand painted on.

If you’re a baker and want a deliciously smooth edible gold, buy this product! It’s Jenna Rae Cakes Dazzle Dust. They have three colors and they’re all gorgeous! I mix mine with vodka but you can use lemon juice if you can’t or don’t want to use alcohol.

I need to figure this website out more to see if I can embed a video but I’ve linked an incredibly sped up version of painting the gold on to the lettering


Are those EVER COOL! Oh my gosh, this cookie art is truly spectacular.

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Wow! You are a cookie master. The galaxy is beautiful, and your lettering is incredible.


How fun are these? SUPER FUN! If I search #sugarmystate on IG will I see a bunch of other states?

Lettuce Craft doesn’t allow imbedding videos, but you can add GIFs - which is not really a total substitute, but helpful for sharing projects with movement.

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I definitely don’t consider myself a master, but thank you! :blush:

Yep, #sugarmystate is the tag but these are from last June. I’m not sure how many people participated but it was fun for me!
Oh man, it’s been ages since I’ve made a gif. Guess I’m about to relearn something lol

Truly stunning! They look so perfect.

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You’ve made me a proud-to-be-born-raised Texan. (dragged here to Missouri) I was wanting to add “everything is bigger in Texas” to your Star quote cookie, lol.

Ut-O, song stuck in my head.

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I know; everyone I see these I get the song stuck in my head lol. Does it make me a worse Texan to say I actually don’t even know the whole song? :grimacing: :joy:

Thank you so much!

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I have to compliment your hands. Hands are hard to draw and all of yours look excellent! Such talent!

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Oh man, thank you! Isn’t it funny how critical we can be of our own work? I was just looking at those hands last night, thinking how weird they look.

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wow, so impressive! well done!
and the title of the thread is PERFECT :slight_smile:

These are beautiful!