Deer and faun ornament dioramas

I had some leftover ornaments I had prepped over a year ago and found a bunch of miniature deer in my stash so I decided to make some more deer ornament dioramas. The balls were already cut, supported with papier mache, painted, and glittered. It was just a matter of adding the scene, the snowy/ice accents, and finishing off the outside texture.

This is the large deer -more about it here on my blog.

I used paint and clear crackle medium to add the icy stream/pond.

Here is the faun - I hope I can find the deer in different poses too - I would like to do more with different scenes for different seasons. More about the faun here.

I still have most of a jumbo pack of non breakable ornaments - I will have think of some other scenes and make some more - this may be the ornament for this year - I used to make one annually - a different ornament to gift people, but fell off of that wagon for a bit.

Anyways, if anyone is interested in making one, I added a link to my tut for how to make them in the deer post. You can skip the papier mache, but I find that it adds support to the weak walls of the ornament, that become much more flexible after the hole is cut, and it gives a good base for gesso and paint to adhere to.


I have one of these from the sweat Shoppe ornament swap and it’s so pretty and one of my favorites! It reminds me of a sugar egg I made and decorated the inside with my Sunday School group as a kid.

I have one too and I love it! It is so cool, looking inside at the wee little world, just enchanting. Your glitter stays put too. I so appreciate that :smile:


Yes, the glitter staying put is a huge bonus!

So glad you still have it! I have to admit, these are fun to make (well, more meditative in the papier mache stages - or tedious depending on your point of view).

There is always something enchanting and magical about making a miniature scene of some kind - I totally get those who like to make in miniature.

When I glitter, I use the glossy Mod Podge, put a good thick layer on the inside, dump and swirl the glitter about, then dump it out. As it dries, I pat it on more firmly, and then shake out any excess afterwards into a bowl. The texture mediums are fabulous for holding onto glitter or micro beads - so long as you gently tap them in to get good adhesion.


I hang yours in pride of place alongside some sassy glitter-bomb snowballs from @Knickertwist that sparkle up our whole livingroom every year :smile:

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I find it odd that you can find the fawns in all different positions but the grown ups seem to always be standing…I keep looking, too, as I love snow scenes with deer or other cute critters…

Love how you made the water!

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So beautiful. Definitely a favorite from ornament swap. It always makes me smile.


These are so cool…sparkly and wintry and perfect!

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Wish I would have snagged one of these! So cute! Thanks for sharing your glitter technique.

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These are just utterly darling.

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These are so sweet.

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Adorable! I love all the sweet details.

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They are so cute and I love the “water”.

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