Designer inspired shoes

Guyyyys I might be totally obsessed tonight, trying to find all my random crafts that no one on my social media cares about, that YALL might care about :joy:

I revamped these shoes that were previously all black. Y’all… There were SO. MANY. RHINESTONES. My hand cramped and the glue fumes were making me a little dizzy by the end but I kinda love them. :heart_eyes:

I painted the fabric silver, then applied all 8 million stones. I was going for a kind of ombre effect on the heel, but the stones look more blue than I intended. I’m debating if it’ll be worth it to pry them off and change them out for some darker ones. :thinking:


Very cool!
Maybe look into transparent paint, like stained glass paint, instead of prying them off.
Alcohol markers would work, but they rub off, not great for a shoe.

Hmmm, that’s an idea I hadn’t thought of! I’ll have to think about it more. Thanks!

These are spectacular! I miss having the opportunities for statement shoes that aren’t novelty sneakers.

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Gorgeous and super fancy. I love the look of heels but can’t wear them, alas, so I admire anyone with that much balance!


We definitely care about random crafts

And these are spectacular!

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Or rubber clogs.

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I’ll be honest; these have been sitting in my craft room since I finished them. I don’t think I’ve worn them since my baby shower for my third kid! :joy:

I don’t wear heels much anymore, especially not stiletto. It’s hard when you’re running around after kiddos! These are definitely date night shoes haha

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These are beautiful! For me these days, heels are, sadly, a broken ankle waiting to happen. I would have rocked these back in my 20’s and 30’s, though!

Wow! Amazing way to glitz up your footwear. Admire your patience, too!

Swoon… I love them.

Wear them. Even if grocery shopping. Wear them. :laughing:

I get cramps just thinking about glueing the rhinestones haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love the shoes! The only heels I wear are about 2cm high, any higher and I can’t walk anymore. I like to think that I could wear them when I was 16, I can safely say I did as there were no phones with cameras back then :crazy_face:

Respect for your patience and the look of the shoes is fantastic :dancer::star_struck:

Those are great-- my inner 16-year-old wants a pair with slightly less spiky heels… :grin:

Whoa Momma’. Outstanding!

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I’m in my 30s but I’m finding it harder and harder to wear heels now. Definitely more of a wedge girl now, so I feel ya!

Thanks! I won’t be out-standing anywhere for long in these shoes :laughing: They’re honestly not very comfortable lol

Wow, those look so pro! Impressed.