Designer label inspired camo & faux alligator tote

I wasn’t totally happy with my last camo bag so I decided to try again. This time I chose the shape and measurements of LV’s Sac Platt BB and a Gucci style stripe. Camo fabric is second hand US Military uniform Woodland Camo top and the stripe is faux alligator. I like the contrast of utilitarian practicality and civilian adornment.


Nice camo bag! Also, good for you for maintaining focus and trying a second time. My attention span frequently sputters out as soon as I’m done with a project; there would likely be no chance of a second attempt for me. Kudos!

Love the design of this one! It looks nice and sturdy.

Very cool camo bag! I have been trying to find the right bag project for using some of my yards and yards of free RealTree style camo. I want something that elevates the camo, because I am not really a hunter/soldier/hiding-in-the-woods style gal.

I did use fleece interfacing on the canvas lining.

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Camo is designed for blending in- What do you normally design to blend in? Make that stand out!

The issue I’m struggling with is the style of camo - it’s not this classic blobby kind that has made it into the world of fashion. And because I live in Montana, this kind of camo is very associated with particular activities and even extreme views. I want whatever I make to be obviously not associated with such things. Oh, how I wish I’d been gifted yards and yards of the classic stuff! :rofl:

Turned out very cool! Love the addition of the removable strap. Gives it an elevated touch.

That would be tricky, what does the reverse look like?

Not interesting at all, but that gives me something to think about.

Looks great, and I can see the connection to the inspiration bags! And the straps turned out well, that’s often a pain point for me :laughing:

Not going to lie- I learned strap making techniques from leatherworkers on YouTube.

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If you left the fabric outside would the sun fade the print? I would be tempted to make items to support the charities those extremist groups rally against.

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Great job on this bag, you did really excellent work.

Could you over-dye it or use fabric spray paint? Or bleach/colour remover?

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Thank You!