Destashing my yarn - lots of knits and pictures!

Late last year I moved my craft room into my home office, which meant that the dedicated storage area I had for my yarn shrunk by about half. Because of this, I really felt compelled to start using up my stash yarn to make the storage arrangement more neat and comfortable rather than overflowing. A lot of the yarns I had were things I had spontaneously bought with no plans (looking at you knitpicks minimum purchase for free shipping) so it’s been a (ongoing) journey to make things intentionally with the yarn I have.

First, I wanted to use up a bunch of solid fingering I bought with the idea of doing colorwork. I made version #3 of the Field Hat which finally fit in a slouchy way which I wanted.

And then gave the Deathflake Hat a go. This ended up with a coworker.

Then I tried to make a colorwork scarf but it hurt my hands too much so I turned it into another gift bag for my collection. I really love this color combo…will have to try something similar in the future without the toothpicks for knitting needles.

Then I found an adorable pattern for a toddler tshirt vest and couldn’t resist using up some stash. This is my first time playing with duplicate stitching for the heart. Hopefully it’ll be a nice transitional piece for the springtime.

I found a great charity called Knit the Rainbow which collects yarnie winter accessories and garments to give to unhoused LGBTQ+ youth in New York City.

It gave me the opportunity to make a bunch of scarflettes, hats, and earwarmers out of my heavier weight yarns of which I don’t have a ton to make bigger projects so this was perfect.

Here’s what one of the scarflettes looks like when worn; it’s the Sadie Scarflette pattern.

Falmouth Super Bulky hat

This picture doesn’t do justice to the Barley hat; it has a cool garter section that gives it some texture variation that I did a horrible job capturing. Also super easy to knit.

The Stare hat - I was planning this for a friend but it ended up too small.

This is not a new knit but I cannibalized a sweater I knit last year and sewed the colorwork portion into a cowl, lining it with some leftover fleece I had.

That’s all I can share right now, but there will be more stashbusting to come! I’ll edit this post as I have more to list for posterity sake. As of right now, I think I’ve used up about 40 - 50% of my current stash, and the yarn is fitting a lot better in the bins I have now. That being said, there’s a fiber expo I’m going to next weekend with intentions to shop :grimacing: I am hoping to have some project ideas in mind but we’ll see what happens. I haven’t bought any yarn (minus 3 skeins for a specific project for a friend) since last year!


Your knitted projects are always amazing and gorgeous! Your hats especially! The projects you chose for Knit the Rainbow are very thoughtfully done. A scarflette will be more practical than a scarf, for instance.

Ah-maze-ing! Just one of these projects would take me a year. You are a wonder with needles.

Love death flake!! :skull: :snowflake:

Thank you! Cozy knitting is now my go-to craft lol

Everything is so beautiful & professional looking but that CAT! :smile_cat:

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Wowza! So many projects! I love the deathflake. the colors are neat. Everything is spectacular!

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Thank you! I am enjoying learning new patterns and techniques as well.

I love that deathflake, especially in colour.

I really should just make the darn quilt.

Yes, yes you should :grin:

I love seeing all your projects. They are all so pretty.

All of these are so amazing!

The death flake is my favorite!

Love all of them! I feel your pain with too much yarn! I think a lot of us have that problem.

These are all amazing my friend! The color work on your slouchy hat is so beautiful, and of course I love the skull hat. But the tiny baby sweater stole my heart! I can’t wait to dress Ada in it this week. Her clothes are still in a box from the move, but I’m hoping to settle them into her dresser today, so I can find cute stuff to coordinate with the sweater awesomeness!

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I’m so glad you like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I want pictures!

You are a knitting machine! I’m envious of your destashing. I have so much pretty yarn. Maybe I’ll have to make that a new goal - to create at least one thing every other month or so.

I love that Stare hat especially. The background yarn is gorgeous!!!

you are my hero! This is so inspiring – I’m doing better with Not Buying, but am not having much luck with using yarn from stash for some reason. (at least I can’t see any noticeable difference)
I am bookmarking this to keep tabs & get some great ideas from your experience!
Thanks so much for posting!!
P.S. The Stare hat took me a minute to figure out & it is hilarious!!

The thing that has helped a lot with using up my stash is looking for patterns that work with the yarn I already have. I search ravelry patterns for the specific yarn weight I want to use up, and then pick out a pattern that works with it and the amount of yarn I have too.

I have some worsted gray yarn I’ll be using up soon in a cool cabled hat soon, where I found the pattern through this process. Undecided on whether I’ll keep it for myself but probably.

Also, another thing I’ve done is holding yarns double when I want to use some fingering weight yarn but the pattern calls for a sport or DK weight. I did that for the Deathflake, Stare, and Field hats. Though those patterns do actually call for fingering weight yarn, but my hats always end up too small when I do it that way.

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:rabbit2: :nest_with_eggs: :tulip: This is one hoppin’ craft! And it’s one of our featured projects this week! :tulip: :nest_with_eggs: :rabbit2:


Aww thank you!

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