Deviled eggs

I make these every week for games day.

Cut eggs in half, scooping the yolks into a bowl.
Mash with mayo, (relish or other seasoning optional).

Scoop into a pastry bag or zip bag with a corner cut off, and fill each egg.

Dust half with paprika because Sharon loves it. Or use black pepper, dill, or a combination.

My hero, the electric pressure cooker. Eggs peel super easy! High pressure for 2 minutes, quick release leaves just a touch of moisture in the yolks.


They look delicious!

That’s how I used to make mine too (minus the pressure cooker).
I pushed the egg yoke and mayonnaise mixture through a tea strainer with a tea spoon, to get more air into it.
And I added small pieces of onion before putting the egg yoke mixture back in the eggs.


Y’all know that it ain’t “deviled” eggs without the heat of horseradish!!! My Southern granny would be rollin’ in her grave if I left that out…

Just kidding…any egg with mayo is delish in my mouth!

What a lovely display as well…I have some egg plates but yours hold a lot!


It looks delicious! I have to admit I’ve never made these before. I even have the perfect vintage egg plate for them. It looks pretty easy to do as well, I guess I should try it some day.

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Southern here, I always thought the “deviled” referred to the vinegar. we include mustard and cider vinegar.

Smoked paprika makes a good addition on top too!


lol it is anything spicy that challenges the midwestern taste buds…the heat…it can be mustard, horseradish, pepper…just teasing her…I love deviled eggs made any way!

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Ours are just called stuffed eggs.


You don’t say… hm… Do you poke a small hole in the shell first? Let them sit out until room temp before cooking? Use cold water, salt, or any other secrets to share? Natural pressure release or forced? I must try this, we have a non electric pressure cooker though.


Plain cold water, cold eggs, no holes in eggs, which are in a steamer basket above the water.

2 minutes at High pressure, quick (forced) steam release (via 3D printed dragon diverter).

I believe the steam is forced into the “pores” of the eggshell, loosening it from the eggwhite.

I also use the oldest eggs in the fridge.

Almost every egg peels easily. Occasionally one is a problem, and once the entire batch was hard to peel.


Very cool, thanks!

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These look so yummy. My mom adds a little bit of mustard to the yolks as well, but pretty much makes hers just like this. She only makes them at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I love that there are so many ways to boil (or apparently pressure cook!) eggs. Peeling the eggs always seems to be the worst bit, so I’m glad your method makes it easier!


Love to do eggs in the pressure cooker! I have an egg rack for mine.

My father in law loves deviled eggs and I usually make him some for father’s day every year. I think I missed this year. I like to add Dijon mustard. :slight_smile:


Pressure cooker?!! We LOVE deviled eggs in my house and family. I’m gonna have to try this for sure!


I grew up with these as a staple for special meals but now my hubby makes them whenever we have a craving. His include bacon bits and chopped jalapeño , they are delicious!

That’s the name I prefer.