DGY Crochet bowl

Coincidentally, I also planned to use the February yarn in the DGY subscription box for a container as did @AIMR- great minds!

Mine is what I call “free form” crochet, by which I mean that I annoy myself by having only a vague idea what I’m going to do so I end up working and frogging several times until the yarn decides what it wants to do. Here’s where we ended up:

The colorful yarn is Darn Good Yarn Twist in colorway Flamingo.
The black yarn is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Black.
Hook was a smaller than recommended to make it stiffer.
Thanks for looking!


What a cheerful basket!

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I love your bowl! I used mine to make the drawstring pouch pattern that came with it, for a D&D playing friend to use as a dice bag. I love how it worked up, and how it felt running through my fingers.

I like how it felt in the hand, also. Smooth. The enclosed pattern was for an eyeglass case this time around and I already have too many of those haha.

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Thank you!

I am glad to be in our little group of getting the same yarns…it is a challenge to come up with a use if you don’t like or need the enclosed pattern. I like that…and, I don’t want stash so it forces me to use it quickly. It is also a nice break from bigger projects!

I will have to remember to go down a hook size to make a tighter stitch…I am just in love with the bright colors!

Love how you edged your bowl with black to show them off!

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What a cheery little bowl!

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