DGY Yarn Club Hearts and Basket

@MistressJennie has made some lovely things with yarns that she receives in the Darn Good Yarn Subscription box each month, so I decided to join…but with this caveat: I had to make something with the yarn and not put it into stash! They do send patterns, but most are not what I want.

I made hearts out of the first yarn. I managed to do three and used the leftovers to make a few tassles…the little pile on the left went into my scrap yarn bin for later use.

The basket was made with bulky yarn and the cotton yarn they sent in February. I needed yet another basket to hold some project fabrics.

So far, so good! Nothing added to my stash!


I like those hearts! I’ll be watching to see what else you make. I had a subscription, but didn’t love the patterns they sent, so you’re prompting me to think outside the box. The yarn seemed to always come in the same colorway, which doesn’t really match my decor, so I could end up making a bunch of gifts.

Everything “matches” in my house…all the colors, especially in my craft room…:slight_smile:
But, yeah, a lot of small things can be made into gifts…I am sending out some of those hearts…

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This is so funny, I planned to make a basket with my February yarn, too! Although maybe I got a different yarn than you did? Mine is another silk one- a “twist” called Pink flamingo. Is that what you used? I love how your basket came out!

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What fun! I’ve considered trying a subscription like this. I LOVE that basket’s colors. :slight_smile:

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oh…you are right! It is recycled silk…Pink Flamingo…it just felt like cotton and is not very strong…I used a magic circle and pulled it too tight and it broke so easily…I had to start again! I think we are on the same subscription plan as @MistressJennie explained…we started the same time!


You make such great things… ALWAYS. Maybe you should change your moniker to AMSGT? :upside_down_face:

I love that you found a way to enjoy a subscription, but stick to your plans to reduce stashing. Well, maybe not your basket stash, but still! :smiley:


I really love that little basket!

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That basket is so great!