Diagonal Zipper Pouches

I saw a video on IG of a lady making these, watched several times, headed to her website looking for more details but couldn’t find anything so just did my best. You only use one side of the zipper, which seemed like a waste until I remembered you can buy replacement parts for zippers so I’ll be keeping the other half for later use.

The small leaves was the first but the lining bunched inside and the zipper was slightly off center. The larger leaves worked better but the zipper was still slightly off.

This was made for my youngest grand daughter and the carry loop seems to have kept the zipper centered. Her and I played with it on Saturday, I like how wide it opened and how much it actually held.


These are really neat! They would be a great way to package small gifts maybe, I’m thinking. Like a stocking stuffer inside a stocking stuffer.


Cute and handy!

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The design is so clever, and you did a great job figuring it out. Very cool zip pouches!

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Only one side of the zipper? So weird! They looks great. Love the leaf fabric too.


Yes, just one side. Look at the last photo, you can see it loops around.

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Wow, i have never seen that zipper trick! Cool!

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These are so cool - one side of the zipper!

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