Diamond Art Tray Accessory

I just started my first “full drill” custom Diamond Art piece with the square diamonds (vs the round that I’m used to) so I got myself a case with the tic-tac style containers to distinguish square from round (without a magnifying glass).

But now I didn’t have a lid to tell me which was which. (That first pic was from my original DA project and didn’t realize that I didn’t need to put the A#’s on there since they would change with each one. So changing that.) Sooooo I ordered more trays (because this new one has a ton of different color shades), stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up some Mini Clothespins & a roll of vinyl, and the craft recycle store to find something to use for attaching to the clothespins. I ended up finding some craft foam - thin enough to cut with the Cricut and light enough to not weigh down the pins.

So now I have a dry-erase surface to write each of my symbols on and change them out each time when needed!


Wow. That looks very organized. What image are you going to create?

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Sounds like a great system! I’d like to know what you’re making, also.

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I had one printed of one of my chihuahuas who passed many years ago but I still miss her like crazy. I’m thinking it has like 42 different colors. I tend to only work on it one time a month at a gathering we have. This was two hours worth of work. :woman_facepalming:t3: