Digital Design Birds

Sharing digital designs here for the first time, birds that I’ve been wanting to design for months. I have been watching the quote graphics that others have been designing featuring their stylized, whimsical birds. I have a Pinterest board full of inspiration. Last week I tried it. My first design was the blue bird at the top left. I really like how she turned out. Below is my computer workspace when I was working on her.

I am a self-taught graphic designer and I use Serif software. It rivals Photoshop but is much more affordable since there is no subscription. The suite includes Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I included a link in case you are interested and I am not an affiliate. The programs are sold individually for under $50 and Serif often runs sales at 40% off. I started with Affinity Photo and I’ve never paid full price. I have been using the programs for years and absolutely love them!

I used my first bird to design this positive affirmation, healing art quote design. I have put it on POD (print-on-demand) products at one of my online shops. I plan to list the design as a printable too. Here is how it looks on some products.

I will be designing other uplifting, high self-esteem quote graphics featuring the other birds. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to do this. If you’ve been wanting to try something new, don’t wait any longer. Get up in the morning and say today I will do it! Push past procrastination and fear and make yourself do what you know you can do!

Thanks for viewing my digital birds!
This is 10th in my 18-posts Chameleon Badge pursuit! :hot_face:



If you printed the birds out and crafted with them, you would have a paper project!

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Oh yes! I do that too with digitals. Not enough time or hands! :open_hands:t4: Thanks!

Wow, love the images and the quote. Lovely design.

And thank you for the link to Affinity. I am retiring in Dec and with my job goes my Adobe Creative Suite and Acrobat Pro. This may just be the ticket to fill that gap.

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You are very welcome and thanks! I try to be careful about sharing links to make sure I’m not trying to sell or self-promote. When I shy away from sharing a product link I remind myself that I never know who may be interested.

Just a heads-up, some professionals do have issues with Affinity but the programs are winning over many designers. The apps are far beyond my expertise so I’m thrilled with what they can do. They recently introduced V2 with fixes and new features. You can try out any of them for a good length of time. I think it’s 30 days. is free and supposed to be almost identical to PS but I like Affinity better.

Lovely birds! All together, they look like they are having a party.
I like the affirmation you added, the words sort of pop and look very fun.
Your in-progress screenshot looks like paper crafting, but without the mess and little bits of leftover cut papers :smile:

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:smile:Thanks! Now that you mention it, it does look like they are at a dance. Yep, that’s what a desktop computer screen is, a work table with all of the bits and pieces of a creative project scattered on top.

Great design! I really love the one you paired with the affirmation.

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing your process and sources, too!

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