Digital print fabric

I’ve been wandering the virtual aisles of many online fabric stores, and keep seeing “digital prints”.

I assume it’s an alternative to the traditional multi pass printing, maybe like an inkjet printer?

How well do these prints hold up?
Can I toss them in the laundry, or do they need special treatment?
I’m making curtains. How will they do with UV light? Do I need to line them?

I’ve used a couple Spoonflower fabrics, which are digital prints, with great luck as far as fading/wear on the inks go. I believe I have also used one Micheal Miller digital print which has also held up fine to cold water wash, machine dry. I have only used them for garments, so can’t speak to UV and I tend to line my window coverings anyway.

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I’ve used Hoffan and a couple other brands of digital prints in quilts. They hold up well as long as the base is good. (If you trust the brand in regular print then you should like their digital) I have had no problems with washing them. I don’t know about UV light. I would line my curtains, but that’s more so because quilting cotton isn’t that thick.

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I’m making cafe style curtains for a bathroom, wasn’t planning to line them.