Dino Tote Bag

I share a love of dinosaurs with @Kwality570 and we were partnered together in the Summer Book Swap. She had a tote bag with extra long handles on her wish list and I found this fabric that I thought would be perfect!

I don’t like a light colored tote because they will eventually get set on the floor and dirty, so I found some study boat vinyl (no idea what made it boat?) in my stash and stitched this up. It has extra long handles so she can put it over her shoulder while wearing a thick winter jacket.

My favorite part was the side where the dino bodies and head connected to make weird creatures.


I liked this fabric so much I bought myself some and plan to make something else with it. It was a light canvas fabrics.

Thanks for checking it out!


What a fantastic tote bag…love the extra ling handles :slight_smile:

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Such a cute tote! Nice that you chose a darker bottom, also probably more durable.

If boat vinyl is anything like marine vinyl, it’s meant for upholstering in wet environments so is heavier to be a better water barrier for the foam and probably also a bit more UV resistant that other upholstery vinyl.


That bag is so cool! Love all the Dino’s and weird mash-up creatures. All totes should have long handles and strong, dark fabric on the bottom.


That create-a-dino… :laughing: This whole bag is spot on; great idea giving it a dark bottom!

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What a perfect tote for her, beautiful construction too. Nice to see you making bags again, you are so good at it!


I love how this is a grown up dinosaur lover’s fabric. :heart::heart:


This is beautifully made and the choice of fabric makes it extra awesome!

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I really love the contract of the solid color on the bottom of the bag. It really make it look profession and well, “more than a tote bag.” Cute fabric. Well done!

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I can be so hard to find dino fabric that is just right, not cutsy baby and not vicious monster.


Hahaha! Thats what it was called, marine vinyl!

Nice way to keep the bag relatively clean by using the marine vinyl! Have you tried ScotchGuard? I have used it on lighter colored items and it works well.

The fabric is subtle dinosaur…perfect for grown up kids! lol

Love that you showed us the mishmash up…very funny!


This is such a cool bag! I love the contrast of the vinyl bottom and the overall sturdiness.

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