Dinosaur Shirt

It still took me all day to make this despite having already altered the pattern to fit. Layout and cutting took over an hour because…you know…pattern matching is my thing.

If you’re wondering what I mean by matching the design, look at the lavender dinosaur. See how it repeats across the entire garment in a straight line? I treat a design element as if it were sitting on a stripe, and match it up horizontally and vertically.

Fabric from Joann.

McCalls 6964


You said it took you all day, like that was an unusual thing. How long does it normally take? I am planning to try a shirt soon (I know everyone has heard that for the last 5 years, but im getting closer to being serious).
It looks amazing and I LOVE dinosaurs so i especially love this one.



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Love the Dino fabric, and your meticulous pattern matching! Looks great on you.

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@gozer I thought I had replied but it seems to have disappeared. I’ve made this shirt before so I thought it would be a quick sew to make another. It wasn’t particularly fast–but yes, a lot faster than, say, a shirt with a collar and cuffs and buttonholes and all that.

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I love it and I :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: your pattern matching. It’s a subtle thing, but it makes such a difference

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Fantastic fabric and a perfect fit!

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This is absolutely fantastic! I love the pattern matching, especially on this one because…dinosaurs.

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I did not know what pattern matching was! I looked at the seams and saw the break. But your photo makes it clear - that would take hours to wrap my head around it.

And that fabric. Fun!