Dinosaur storage baskets

I wanted to test this free video pattern for reversable foldable fabric baskets. I just happen to know an adorable youngster who’s fond of dinosaurs so I’ve been picking up cute dino fabric whenever I see it & thought it would be perfect for this.

I eyeballed the sizes. Pretty sure at least one of them could double as a funny hat!

The lining fabric was all in stash.
Drr, sideways image! Bane of project posting, lol.


Super cute!

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Love these!

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Cute! I can relate to the collecting fabric because of a kiddo’s love of something. Mine was foxes.


So cute!!

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Cool! I like that they are collapsable and can store up when you aren’t using them.
Super cute fabric too. I am a dino fan!

These are so cute! I would have things stuffed in them everywhere, lol.

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