Discussion: Juicers and mixers

Here’s a topic I just thought of to add to my cheap mixers discussion. Plus, a title change, so anyone and everyone can talk about, ask questions on juicers, mixers, and blenders (Not standing mixers, just those things for making juices, etc).

Honestly, I have nothing…not a word to say about this, as I am making the choice for one now, heh. So…Um…I’ll let you all who own or have owned one to discuss your experiences with using them, :wink:.

Edit: Oh, one thing to discuss would be ease of cleaning. that would definitely be something to discuss for us pained people, ;-).

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I grew up in a house with a hippie mom who juiced everything, lol. Then, when I was older, I worked for a place that sold top of the line machines and also took in various food manipulating tools to sell on consignment. I made daily juice including wheatgrass there, and at a bunch of events so I have worked with a lot of different models.
There are many ways to break down the pros and cons of a juice extractor but the type of machine that’s right for you is the one you can afford and that you will use, nothing else really matters unless you want a nice looking shelf decoration.
One thing I will say is that none of them are really very easy to clean, that part is always work. Waring does make a centrifical force (spinning) type of juicer with paper filters that take some of the work out, but the masticating and screen parts will still get messy.

Here’s one thing I believe, after working in the field and doing a whole lot of personal study. Juicing can be fun, it can be tasty, but it isn’t really all that healthy because a very valuable part of the fruits and veggies is removed. The fiber is undervalued here when it’s actually incredibly good for the body. I personally prefer smoothies and soups that use all of the produce and waste none of the goodness. And in that case, any blender will do. I’ve got a vitamix because I splurged but it isn’t necessarily. Oh, and they are a snap to clean up too!